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What is Bella Nutra?

Finally…a program that will not only transform your body, but also change the way you think about food! It's really more about lifestyle modification than it is a so called "diet". Bella Nutra emphasizes nutritional education and is here to provide the best possible care available. It's not about a short term fix, but a permanent solution. Bella Nutra teaches a healthy way of losing weight and how to keep the weight off long term. How do we do this? It's simple!


The purpose of this phase is not just about losing weight, but also about nutritional changes and digestive health. You will focus on a diet of nutrient-dense whole foods designed to support and strengthen your intestinal health which will optimize your results and give you the jump start you need. Lose between 8-12 pounds within your first two weeks!


Designed to optimize your results! A daily calorie deficit is created causing your body to enter a fat burning mode. Clients on average see 1/2 to 1 pound of weight loss per day while still feeling great! Combined with the average weight loss of 36 pounds and 30 inches off the body in 12 weeks, the transformation is astounding. Lose up to 3 or more pounds per week!


Ultimately the most important phase of all, where you solidify your efforts and recalibrate your metabolism to prevent any rebounding effect for long-term success. This is what sets Bella Nutra apart from any other weight loss program on the market today!


This is a way of life, not a phase! It’s ultimately a lifestyle to adopt permanently, not a life-long diet! Your overall health will improve, and you will be empowered by your achievement and your weight loss success!

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