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Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions that we have received regarding our weight loss program. If you do see the question you need answered below, please call us. We would be happy to answer your questions along with qualifying you for our program.


Can you tell me about your program?


We provide our clients with a comprehensive 12 week nutritionally based program focused on helping them adopt a new way of eating better food that are closer to nature and not so processed. Fruits, veggies and lean cuts of protein tend to work best.  If you are a vegan or vegetarian then we probably are NOT the right program for you. Sorry!


Do you send me prepackaged meals?


No... We sure don't! We would much rather spend our time teaching you "how to fish" instead of teaching you how to become dependant on us by "feeding you a fish".  Many clients who have gone the prepackaged foods route before, mentioned that initially it was great, easy and convenient.  Shortly thereafter when reality kicked in, almost all echoed the same opinion. Prepackaged meals would never become a sustainable lifestyle for them because of the taste and overall cost!


Can I still go out to eat?


You sure can! In fact many clients travel weekly (entertaining clients over lunch and dinner) or eat out frequently. Our mentors have successfully coached them on how to be successful while away or eating out at their favorite local resturants. We can do the same for you!


Will I still be able to drink alcohol?


Yes but... Our clients quickly come to realize that drinking alcohol while on our program only slows down their progress towards reaching their ultimate weight loss and wellness goals. Alcohol, if any, should always be the exception  to the rule (once in a great while) and not the norm. It is always best if you could refrain from it altogether for optimal results. Many clients have mentioned that it is a worthwhile trade-off to obtain the weight loss success and wellness that they're looking for!


How is your program different? 


We are very much a hands on company! Each day our system sends you and email requesting a quick snapshot of your day. We ask basic questions like what did you weigh, have to eat, water intake etc. We also ask several additional (more advanced questions) that assist your mentor with determining the correct amount of food intake for your body type. Although it only takes our average client about 6 or 7 min. to fill out, it does provide your mentor with a wealth of invaluable information on how best to optimize your results. With this information received, along with your scheduled weekly mentoring phone calls, we have the ability to tailor our program based off of what your body is telling us instead of applying a one size fits all strategy like so many other companies do! 


What if I have more weight to lose? 


No problem. We've got you covered! We offer several different Extended Program Options (EPO's) to fit most budgets and ultimate weight loss goals. 


What's included in your price?


Regarding our standard 12 week program, we include our Bella Nutra Manual, Whole Foods Cookbook, Supplements (1-month) and Mentoring Services. Click on this LINK to learn more.


Can I use my Flex or Health Savings Account for this?
Yes, most times you can! Please ask your HSA or FSA administrator for their requirements first! Most times it has been our experience that a letter of medical necessity from your medical provider along with your receipt will be all that is required!
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