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12 Week Results




Sabrina's Story!

“Since starting a Whole Foods Diet, I have "lost" approximately 50lbs, and I have “found” my way to living a healthy, happy life!  I have done many other weight loss programs out there with success, only to gain the weight back again.  Why?  Because I was never given the proper education about "how" eating a whole foods diet can bring about better health. 


Once I was given the education needed to eat a whole foods diet and started implementing it, I no longer craved the sugar, and the fruits I was eating tasted sweeter.  As a matter of fact, everything tasted better!  With leaving out the processed foods and eating a structured whole foods diet, the weight began to melt off, and I  noticed that I had improved energy, better sleep, and a clearer mind.  Now I am able to be successful in many areas of my life!  Before implementing the Bella Nutra way, I was overweight and depressed and the processed foods I was eating were contributing to that!  Today, I love myself fully for the first time ever, and I have to make daily decisions to live a happy “whole foods lifestyle”!  I never knew how eating “Healthy” could make me feel, until “I did it,” and oh, how I am so thankful I did!”

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