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12 Week Results




Ron's Story!

"What prompted me- I knew I had too much weight, my blood pressure started to spike and I started getting headaches. My dad had a stroke and was in a wheel chair for 8 years, so knowing what life can be like after a stroke, I said Ron you need to STOP and get control of your health!


I went to my doctor and he tested for numerous issues. My blood sugar was high and my blood pressure was very high. He put me on blood pressure medicine and said diabetes was something we would have to medicate for. I told my doctor that I did not want to take pills the rest of my life. He recommended Bella Nutra to help get my weight and diet under control. I needed something to help me and I needed help now!


I had tried other diet programs before such as Atkins with some success but I knew if I tried to diet alone I would not do well. I needed someone to guide me and work through it with me as well and identify the proper process and diet. Bella Nutra turned out to be the perfect answer! I got started and immediately saw great results and started noticing improvements immediately. I was surprised how quickly things progressed. The fact that I found it's regiment something that I thought was doable and not a lot of special food purchases was a plus. I followed the program religiously.


I always looked forward to my mentors emails and calls, the encouragement and congratulations. I got to where I was excited to weigh myself every morning and proud to report my new weight. I lost 54 pounds on the program and 65 inches! But here's one of the biggest take a ways...I now know how to control my life and physical well being going forward. Bella Nutra made me aware of how to truly eat for life and I was surprised that it does not have to be hard and an abnormal process.


My energy level is great, my aches and pains (athritis) have almost completely gone away and I will be having a followup visit with my doctor shortly although I know my blood pressure is down to normal ranges as my wife is a nurse and I have her check it regularly.


Truly grateful and amazed!"

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