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21 Week Results




Phil's Story!

Phil J. who's 22, joined the program with his dad and decided it was time to make a serious lifestyle change. His starting weight was 362.6 pounds. Not exactly where he wanted to be. He started the program with both feet in and had a super positive attitude. Within just a short period of time his mentor knew that Phil was going to be a tremendous success.


His dedication and determination to succeed was evident by the numbers that were showing up on the scale. 27 days into the plan, Phil had lost 40 pounds! Phil was not only meeting his goals each week, but exceeding them. On August 7th, Phil was down 60 pounds. Amazing progress! Phil completed the 12 week program on September 13th with a total loss of 76 pounds. What is even more exciting is what Phil did after that. In November, Phil hit 262.6 pounds. That's a total of 100 POUNDS LOST! When Phil's mentor asked him what he thought was the biggest contributing factor to his success, he said, "I just realized that every day was a new chance to improve myself."


Congratulations, Phil on creating a new lifestyle and improving the NEW YOU!!!


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