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12 Week Results




Margies's Story!

Hi! My name is Margie, age 63 and I would like to tell you about my experience with Bella Nutra. After many years of trying to lose weight after the birth of my two children, nothing seemed to work.  Instead of losing weight and keeping it off, I seemed to gain more weight than lose it. Coming also from a German/Dutch family history, desserts and unhealthy foods were a staple at meal time. So for many years I carried around a lot of extra weight.


Then in 2009 several health events began happening.  I experienced anxiety and chest pains.  A hasty trip to the ER revealed an 80% blockage in one of my heart arteries which led me to a having a stent inserted.  Even though I walked a lot with a friend afterwards, I struggled to lose weight in an attempt to become healthier. I had also been diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), acid reflux from a hiatal hernia, chronic sinus issues, back issues from a serious fall, and arthritis in my joints.  Even though I ate low fat foods, weight loss was only a mere 5 lbs.  So I became more discouraged! I had joined Weight Watchers, joined an exercise group and still only lost 10 lbs. after 3 months. I had also tried eating the Atkins plan and did manage to lose 22 lbs. but ended up gaining it all back in a short period of time. That is where Bella Nutra diverges from those other plans. Now when I gain 2 lbs I immediately do a reset plan of eating and lose it immediately. The Bella Nutra plan of eating proper clean healthy foods keeps the weight off for good.


After seeing my daughter-in-law lose so much weight on Bella Nutra, I realized I needed to do what she was doing or at least give it a try. I did not realize that she had been praying all along for me to lose weight and become healthier. Her success inspired me and gave me the determination to follow whatever my Bella Nutra mentor told me.


The first couple of weeks on Bella Nutra were challenging. I needed to change some very poor eating habits, like having a piece of cake or pie for dessert every night and then eating snacks before bed each night. Before Bella Nutra I was not drinking enough water throughout the day. So I needed to set my goal and go for it 100%. My friends asked me why I waited so long to do something about my weight and I always said that I tried but nothing ever worked.


Now, it was time to prove to myself that life was not going to pass me by. I wanted to enjoy playing with my grandchildren and being a healthy partner for my husband. Most importantly, I wanted to feel good about myself, feel healthy and reveal to everyone who was hiding inside my obese body.


As I started Bella Nutra, I focused on what could be rather than what was. The weight started to come off rather rapidly and with no exercise. Several other positive effects seemed to occur also. My blood pressure went down along with my cholesterol. I no longer have to take cholesterol medication and I am hopeful to eliminate blood pressure medication soon.  I have not experienced any more anxiety. My bowel and reflux issues have been resolved. The arthritis in my joints is no longer painful and movements are better. My chronic sinus issues have improved from what they were so breathing is much easier too.


Following the Bella Nutra plan of eating was easier than I had imagined. I never feel hungry or deprived of food. Craving the sweet sugary foods is gone even when friends may eat them in front of me. Amazing!  Finally, I feel so much better about myself. Other peoples’ compliments affirm my self image and I want everyone to know how they too can eat healthier. Because I have shared my story of weight loss with family and friends, I have been able to lead two other people to Bella Nutra. I am not paid to do this but enjoy helping others learn how to change their lives for the better.


I deeply appreciate all the support, compassion, motivation and expertise shared by my mentor, Lisa. Her guidance and encouragement are invaluable to me and my life journey.  She has become a life long blessed friend to me. To date, I have lost 35.6 lbs. in the 12 week plan and have lost inches to my body. My clothing size has gone from a women’s 1X to a size 14 petite.  My goal weight is not yet met but I know I will get there by determination and hard work. You too can become healthier on Bella Nutra so why wait another day? It is worth the life changing journey!!!! "

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