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12 Week Results




Juanita's Story!

"I woke up one morning and decided to gain some weight! I don’t know which morning that was, but I must have made that decision one morning about twenty years ago because I succeeded!


But one morning in March, I woke up and decided that I wanted to lose this weight and lose it for life. I’m a Weight Watcher Lifetime Member, I’ve done the Atkins diet, I’ve taken weight-loss pills at the suggestion of a doctor, I’ve done the “Juanita Yo-Yo Diet” so many times I’ve lost count. What is different about Bella Nutra and all the others diets I’ve tried? They were diets. They advocated artificial sugars and “fake fat” as means to drop pounds.  Or, they eliminated food groups that are essential for proper body function. Bella Nutra is a way of eating natural, organic, whole foods, without preservatives, and no added stuff I cannot pronounce. Bella Nutra re-trained my body to work for me and not against.


Health and our eight grandchildren were my motivation that morning in March. It was unrealistic for me to ever make a goal of being my high school weight of 125 again. I’m 63 years old. I’m 5’-8” and I weighed in that morning at 214. So with realistic expectations I emailed Bella Nutra for a consultation. My call with Lisa was a much better choice than the one I made some twenty years ago! Lisa described the program and told me she’d be there every step of the way--everyday. And she was. We figured out what my body and health needs were; customized and tweaked my eating plans, along with proper supplements, so that I had balanced and nutritional meals. My goal was to hit 175. I hit 174 and since then I’ve dropped another 5 pounds. Now I say, I gained a friend in Lisa and I lost 45 pounds! And still losing! Amazing. Hooray for Bella Nutra."

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