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12 Week Results




Christine's Story!

TRUE FACTS about how she lost 46 pounds and 37.5 inches on the Bella Nutra program.


TRUTH: Pregnancy makes me fat. I really, really like food, and when I'm pregnant I go all out. "Go big, or go home!" Two pregnancies, a year apart almost did me in.


FACT: Bella Nutra has taught me how to be healthy, and how to feed my family healthier. I did not go on a diet, I changed our lifestyle. I have learned what foods my body does not like for me to eat, and what foods give me fuel to manage (read: survive) two very small children all day. The bonus (a very big bonus) was the 46 lbs I lost in just over 12 weeks. Not only did I lose the weight, but I learned how to maintain that weight, and enjoy very good food.

I was scared to take the first step. I was worried about all the meal prep, and stepping away from quick and convenient. I learned in the first few days, that it's really not that hard. Simply, I had to quit making excuses, and just jump all in. Once my mindset was there, the rest fell into place. Lisa stuck with me, helped me tweak my diet for optimum weight loss, and stuck with me to the end as my final goal was so close and my body was trying to fight it to the end. But, we did it. I am home with two small kids, managing a household of 5, and work part time from home. If I can do this, anyone can!

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